Effective Strategies For Business Growth
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Market & Marketing-Led Business Growth Coaching

Helping SME Businesses Discover How to Grow Faster & More Profitably 


 Need a Strategic Marketing Review?

Our Coaching Services Help You To:

♦ Review existing and develop new viable market opportunities.


♦ Align company vision, objectives and leadership with market opportunities.

♦ Develop viable market positioning, customer propositions and competitive strategies.

♦ Create effective processes for finding, winning, keeping and growing customers.

♦ Implement cost effective and powerful marketing and sales activities.

♦ Identify and remedy areas of weakness or unexploited strength in your business.

The result is a clear and achievable new business vision based on a viable and focused market opportunities, complete with realistic growth objectives and workable new strategies and action plans.

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Marketing-Wiz is also the home of  The MASC Business Growth Strategy Process  which is:

⇒ The outcome of over 400 business growth projects.

⇒ A logical structured approach for business growth reviews.

⇒ Includes simple tools for benchmarking against high growth criteria.


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The MASC Business Growth Strategy Process develops your  business and prepares it to achieve strong profitable growth by:

1 – Growth Gap Analysis – it compares your business with the characteristics and practices of successful high growth businesses identifying areas needing improvement.

2 – Market Opportunity Led – it takes a ‘market-led’ approach so that all key strategic decisions are soundly based on the proven market potential for them to succeed.

3 – Logical Process – it follows a structured process helping to remove bias, prejudice and false assumptions. Adding value at every stage. (read more about the process)

4 – Viable Strategic Plan – it delivers a new viable growth strategy and implementation plan. These are based on a proven market opportunity and all within your businesses capability to implement it. More

Marketing-Wiz offers free initial business growth consultations to owners and Directors of businesses located in Coventry, Warwickshire and the West Midlands who are established SMEs operating in B2B markets. These sessions are without any obligation and typically last around two hours.