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Aston Martin – Lessons in Branding

A Slice of Aston Martin

This iconic and ‘Cool’ award winning company celebrates its 100th anniversary this year. I was lucky enough to get a 3 hour VIP tour of the Gaydon factory and see this aspirational brand close up. The Aston Martin factory is everything you might want it to be, ultra-modern, clinically clean, light airy, perfectly organised, oozing sophistication from every pore and producing cars of impeccable design and build quality. The sort of place that ticks all the manufacturing and business boxes as well as tugging on a few heart strings. “Dear Santa….”

As 007’s conveyance of choice, the Aston Martin brand has benefited greatly from its 50 year association with James Bond. This is product placement on a grand and effective scale. As a result the brand is now much loved by the young and old, the rich and the poor and both genders. Not always an easy trick to pull off. Bond aside, what is it that really makes Aston Martin such a great brand and a marketing success and how can we learn from it?

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