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B2B Websites – A Competitive Advantage For The Taking

B2B Websites - A Competitive Advantage For The TakingAre you winning or losing the website game?

The more B2B web sites I look at, the more disheartened I become. These days having a good web site is a critical part of the marketing mix. It is the first port of call for a very high percentage of buyers. I imagine most people running a business would agree with this and most would probably also say that they personally use the Internet… Continue reading

Heap on the Marketing to Grow Your Business

Heap on The Marketing to Grow Your BusinessThe sad fact is many companies cut back on marketing activity when times are tough as they mistakenly see it as cost they can’t live with, rather than an investment they can’t live without. Reducing marketing activity is incredibly short sighted and almost guaranteed to help the business into a downward cycle. Clearly simple logic dictates that when sales are harder to find, you need to invest more to find them. Its not… Continue reading

GrowthAccelerator – Martin Ellis is Registered

GrowthAcceleratorMartin Ellis is a registered and approved Growth Coach for GrowthAccelerator helping ambitious businesses achieve rapid and sustainable growth by providing tailored expert advice. Find out more at”.

This is the official wording, but what it really means is that this government scheme to help high growth potential businesses is now well underway and starting to make a difference. The fact that Martin is on the register is a good sign… Continue reading