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B2B Websites – A Competitive Advantage For The Taking

B2B Websites - A Competitive Advantage For The TakingAre you winning or losing the website game?

The more B2B web sites I look at, the more disheartened I become. These days having a good web site is a critical part of the marketing mix. It is the first port of call for a very high percentage of buyers. I imagine most people running a business would agree with this and most would probably also say that they personally use the Internet a great deal to find and source goods and services. So why is it that despite knowing how important web sites are, that so many are unattractive, have poor content and are well past their ‘best by’ date?

Why are companies prepared to present such a bad view of themselves to potential customers? Why are they prepared to risk losing important sales enquiries?

To be honest I don’t know nor really care why they can’t be bothered, if they aren’t bothered then why should anyone else be? What I do know is that it creates a great opportunity for those than can be bothered to create a genuine source of COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE and to win new business.

Just take a long hard look at your web site and those of your competitors. Type some key search words into Google and see which competitors come out on top. Then ask yourself what difference might it make to your business if yours came out on top and if your site looked and read great. These days good web sites are cheap enough technically to create if you have good content ready to hand (words / pictures /video / case studies) and if you haven’t, then why on earth not? Create your new website in open source software like WordPress, its free and you aren’t tied to any one web company, and you will be in a position to update and amend it as easily as you can a Word document. Keep content fresh and interesting.

If you have a rubbish web site – what are you waiting for?