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Business Social Media – Worthwhile or Worthless?

Business SoBusiness Social Media - Worthwhile or Worthless?cial Media – now let’s be clear about one thing:

What I am talking about here is business social media. That’s not to be confused with the sort of trivia kids and adults alike might post on Facebook about the minutiae of their personal lives for friends and relatives. Nor do I mean the real time Tweets of minor celebrities telling us what they had for lunch.

What I mean by business social media is new, regular, current, high quality content posted on your web site. Then simultaneously  posted, blogged and tweeted on business social media like LinkedIn, business pages on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc, plus other industry & trade related sites. I mean business social media designed specifically to generate new business enquiries and raise the profile of your business and brand.

The question remains, is business social media worthwhile or worthless?

High quality marketing content not social trivia.

By high quality marketing content I mean case studies, market trend information, white papers, self assessments, guides, innovation and new technology reviews etc. Content that your customers and prospects want to receive, read and may act upon. Content that advances yours and their businesses, not that simply passes the time of day. Most importantly content that leads to a specific ‘ call to action’ by customers to lead them closer to your business. Read the full article here

Strategic Importance 0f Business Social Media

All marketing is a strategically important activity. Because a lot of online activity has a very short life it needs very regular updating. This forces you to stop and think hard around what is happening in your business that you really should be telling your customers and prospects. It makes you think about what’s happening in your market place, about your vision, goals and ambitions, about your competitive strategies and compelling customer propositions and your true and full capabilities as a business. Indeed like a mini MASC Self-Assessment.

The fact is, if nothing new or exciting happens in your business that is beneficial to your customers, and worth telling them about, then you really are going wrong somewhere aren’t you!

You need to start thinking about your overall customer proposition not just your product specification, price and availability. People make their buying decisions on much more than that. If they didn’t the world would be a very dull place. Market positioning (see article)  is hugely important these days and your business’s public persona is a part of that. Online activity can help show the character and depth of business and help build closer customer relationships. Of course we all know that social media posts & blogs help with website search engine optimisation SEO, and we all want to be found easily on Google don’t we? We also know a very high percentage of buyers use the internet to find or to check out potential suppliers.

Read the full article here

If nobody can find you, you won’t sell them anything will you!

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