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My Marketing Isn’t Working – New Video

NEW Video My Marketing Isn’t Working

Find out why so much B2B marketing is ineffective and what you can do about it.

“My Marketing Isn’t Working” is the most common reason given by B2B companies for poor sales growth. This new video takes a strategic view of the challenges facing many B2B companies trying to improve their marketing.

“B2B companies get trapped into thinking marketing is just about promoting their products and services. Their understanding… Continue reading

Marketing and The Law – Where Do You Stand?

  • How to manage risk in marketing, advertising and communications
  • The UK Copyright Service
  • Marketing and advertising: the law

There are legal implications to marketing everywhere. Whether employing a photographer, web or graphic designer, PR company, consultant, using customer databases or simply ticking ‘Yes’ to T&Cs when using internet services. All these have legal implications you need to be aware of. Below are three useful sources of information about Marketing and The Law.

How to… Continue reading

Boosting the Competitiveness of Business Strategy

Boosting the Competitiveness of Business Strategshutterstock_148375922y

Good Strategy / Bad Strategy

Unfortunately over time the term ‘strategy’ has perhaps become the most misused and misunderstood word in the business dictionary. It has become confused with the missions, visions, goals, ambition, values and planning of business. It has been applied to just about every type of plan for every type of business activity regardless of whether or not it addresses a specific challenge or addresses… Continue reading