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Why We Don’t Blog & Why We Should

Wht we dont blog and why we shouldIn all faith I put this blog on my humble website with the full intention of adding to it once a week. So much for that resolution. I can make excuses, I have been busy, I have been to bed, clients chasing deadlines etc, etc etc etc. But the truth is blogging hasn’t become a priority yet in my life or indeed I tell myself (mistakenly) for my business. My clients don’t tend to read them I say.

I of course like every other business growth consultant else advise my clients of the need for some sort of blog as it helps with website search engine optimisation SEO. But actually its far more important than that, because it stops and makes you think about what is happening in your business that you should be telling your customers and prospects about. The fact is if nothing new or exciting happens in your business that’s beneficial to your customers, then you really are going wrong somewhere aren’t you!

Its not that hard really – and costs next to nothing these days with free software. Once set up you can automatically write your blog once and it will post itself automatically onto your website, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter etc. Periodically you can review your blogs and perhaps convert them into an email newsletter.

Why not speak to your web people and get started.