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Heap on the Marketing to Grow Your Business

Heap on The Marketing to Grow Your BusinessThe sad fact is many companies cut back on marketing activity when times are tough as they mistakenly see it as cost they can’t live with, rather than an investment they can’t live without. Reducing marketing activity is incredibly short sighted and almost guaranteed to help the business into a downward cycle. Clearly simple logic dictates that when sales are harder to find, you need to invest more to find them. Its not rocket science. Of course your return on investment in marketing will be less. its a tougher market place, but reduce your investment and you will suffer a disproportionate decline.

The fact of the matter is that marketing and sales takes time to have an impact, both up and down. Stop marketing now and you might not see a sales decline for months, but it will come, and when it does turning the marketing tap back on will take even more time and even more investment.

Take my advice and do more marketing not less. This doesn’t always mean spending more money, use the people and resources you have more effectively. If the business is quiet, use any spare resource to work on marketing projects. There are so many simple practical things you can do without needing highly skilled marketing people to do them.