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Marketing and The Law – Where Do You Stand?

  • How to manage risk in marketing, advertising and communications
  • The UK Copyright Service
  • Marketing and advertising: the law

There are legal implications to marketing everywhere. Whether employing a photographer, web or graphic designer, PR company, consultant, using customer databases or simply ticking ‘Yes’ to T&Cs when using internet services. All these have legal implications you need to be aware of. Below are three useful sources of information about Marketing and The Law.

How to manage risk in marketing, advertising and communications – the ultimate guide

This recent article published by Hiscox insurance and written by Wiggin (the largest full-service media law firm in the UK) on the legal aspects of marketing drew my attention. It should perhaps draw yours too. Although targeted at business advisors and business service providers, the core facts in this article are equally applicable to all other businesses. Read the full article here>>>.

This article points out some of the most common issues and risks, plus a few you may not have thought of. For example do you really know:

  • Who owns the legal right to the software your website is written on and the potential implications of that?
  • Could your company brands or product innovations simply be copied or even become legally owned by your competitors?
  • Who owns the legal rights to any intellectual property generated by consultants and third party contractors working on your behalf?

Staying the right side of the law is of course paramount, but so too is protecting your business, your marketing assets and intellectual property. You just might be surprised to find who legally owns some of the things you assume to be yours. Read the full article here>>>

The UK Copyright Service

You may or may not also be aware of the ‘The UK Copyright Service’ (UK©CS). Their web site is a valuable source of information about copyright in terms of Marketing and The Law and just about every aspect of marketing is covered such as: Copywriting, Photography, Logos, Brand Names, Websites, Artwork and Designs and so on. They answer such questions as:

  • What types of work are protected?
  • How long does copyright last?
  • Does format or quality of the work matter?
  • How do copyrights differ from patents?
  • Can a name, title or phrase be protected?
  • Where can licence be obtained from?
  • Is work still protected on the Internet?

Marketing and advertising: the law

As you might expect the UK Government also publishes some legal guidelines on the website. One interesting publication is their ‘Marketing and advertising: the law’ datasheet. Read datasheet online here>>>. This contains many links to other valuable information sources on topics such as data protection, advertising codes of practice and the telephone and direct mail preference services. As they say ‘Ignorance of the law is no excuse’ so make sure you read up about the implications of ‘Marketing and The Law’ that could impact on your business.