Your Virtual B2B Marketing Manager


Creating interesting and effective marketing content is never easy. The right combination of words and images is essential to not only create the right impression but also to stimulate action.

There is an element of conflict between what works with different media types. For example websites and SEO requires large amounts of words in authoritative keyword focused articles. This is simply because search engine robots algorithms struggle to determine the true content and value of short copy. This content also has quite a long shelf life.

By sharp contrast social media thrives on video and images with minimum words. These have a very short shelf life, but the core messages can be recycled and the ‘fluff’ often created from 3rd party sources e.g. re-Tweeting

Customers of course like both, partly dependent on the way they they are accessing it e.g. mobile phone, PC or hard copy. So ideally content is created with both short and long copy versions with supporting images and or video.

Marketing-Wiz believes strongly in the marketing content concept of ‘Make Once – Use Many Times’. We create effective content that can be used across all media types and which can be reused.